CSM Ecesis Plant Wall

Give Your Office a Touch of Personality!

Let's face it, the office environment can be a little on the dull side. The Ecesis Plant Wall adds a stunning and fuss free splash of colour with its funky modular system. Designed to use as a full standing screen or partition featuring foliage to complement the office aesthetics, the Ecesis Plant Wall's metal panels hook together, with adjustable widths.

Other items such as photos, pots, and knick-knacks can replace plants making the wall versatile in the home, office, lobby or recreation areas. The Ecesis Plant Wall allows for easy reconfiguration, disassembly or adding plants without the use of tools.

Visually stunning the Ecesis can be used in both freestanding and wall mounted configurations, and is available in a range of heights to suit every office interior.

With options galore the Ecesis Plant Wall injects character, colour and personality into any office environment.

SpecificationWall MountedFree Standing
Height 2000mm 1200mm
2400mm 1650mm


  • Ecesis Wall panels clip together and easily assembled onsite
  • Free standing or wall mounted
  • Pot Holders are designed to accept 6” self watering pots
  • Pot Holders can be individually powder coated
  • Perforated pot holders available
  • Pot Holders can be easily removed for reconfiguration and cleaning
  • Australian Design and Manufactured


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