Niche-Line Mobile Pedestal

Start the Day, Your Pen's in the Tray!

This little beauty slips easily under your desk and is designed with the individual in mind providing storage for suspension files, stationery and personal items.

Mobiletti is smart, stylish, practical and private with sturdy wheels for offices on the move.

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Niche-Line Mobile Caddy

How Low Can You Go?

This little beauty slips easily under most work stations and provides more storage for draw files, binders and personal items. Two models are on offer, Open Face or with Tambour door adding a second layer of security.

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CSM Mobiletti Carts

Private Stuff - Storage Tough!

Hot desks or job sharing nightmares? CSM Mobiletti Carts to the rescue!

Offering maximum space with loads of accessories in the least amount of room, the CSM range is smart, stylish, practical and private with sturdy wheels for offices on the move.

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CSM Infinity Lateral & Multi Media Cabinets

Take Stock and Gang Lock!

The top choice for specific storage requirements, the Infinity Lateral and Media Drawer Cabinet is a must have for suspension filing and multi-media storage. Stylish design ensures smart consistency throughout the office.

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CSM Infinity Retractable Door Cabinets

Smart On the Floor with Retractable Door!

Impressive in every way the Infinity Retractable Door Cabinet offers a smart blend of design, function and flexibility. Swing and sliding steel doors recede into sides of the cabinet leaving aisle ways clear for foot traffic. Top notch engineering ensures smooth door operation and a higher level of security complemented with a 2 point locking system.

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CSM Evolution Sliding Door Cabinets

Evolution the Smart Solution

Ahead of its time, the Evolution sliding door cabinet is a functional and beautifully balanced furniture solution for your ever evolving workspace. Offering a combination of finishes including timber and laminate panels complemented by chic planter boxes, the Evolution Sliding Door Cabinet is the clever choice for a stylish office.

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CSM Infinity Hinge Door Cabinets

All Steel - The Real Deal

The Infinity Hinge Door Cabinet offers a safe, sound and viable resolution for workplace storage demands. Tough as nails and made of 100% steel the cabinet's dimensions are harmonious with all other Infinity models.

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Niche-Line Tambour Door Cabinets

Space Galore Behind The Door!

Stylish design and timeless function theNiche-Line Tambour Door Cabinet offers premium storage efficiency.

The tambour doors fully retract into the cabinet freeing up aisle space in high traffic areas. Offering cool colours and awesome architectural finishes including ripple, satin and gloss.

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