Niche-Line Planter Boxes

Time to Turn Over a New Leaf

Take your office space from blah to beautiful with Niche-Line Planter Boxes.

Elegant in their simplicity and fully waterproofed, offers a wide range of options bringing a touch of sophistication to any office or commercial interior. Niche-Line Planter Boxes can be fitted to all CSM cabinets alongside an initial fit out or they can be retro fitted.

Freestanding or fitted with castors for mobility, Niche-Line Planter Boxes are available in an alluring array of colours and finishes with or without a perforated pattern, and make excellent mobile screens and room dividers.

In addition to their pleasing aesthetics, adding plants to your interior landscape will greatly improve the green rating of your office. Seating options are also available for inclusion in a variety of spaces like reception or breakout areas.

To save on planting costs, Niche-Line Planter Boxes come with a built in drip tray allowing foliage to be placed in standard eight and ten inch pots.

250mm 900mm (3 pots) 500mm
2500mm 1050mm (3 pots)  
1200mm (4 pots)  


  • Planter Box can be a standalone and retro fitted to existing cabinets
  • Top plate to contain pot fillers
  • Reservoir (drip tray) can hold up to 10 litres
  • Free standing and mobile options (castors) available
  • Unique perforated steel and plain finishes
  • Full range of powder coat colours
  • Australian design and manufacture


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