CSM Mobiletti Carts

Private Stuff - Storage Tough!

Hot desks or job sharing nightmares? CSM Mobiletti Carts to the rescue!

Offering maximum space with loads of accessories in the least amount of room, the CSM range is smart, stylish, practical and private with sturdy wheels for offices on the move.

  • Fully welded construction providing strength and design integrity
  • Tambour doors fully retract making it ideal for narrow corridors
  • Single point locking
  • Full range of Dulux powdercoat colours
  • Australian design and manufacture

  1150mm 450mm 580mm

Workforce Solutions

  • 3 Adjustable Slotted Shelves
  • 1 Personal Drawer & 2 Slotted Shelves
  • 1 Personal Drawer, 1 File Drawer & 2 Slotted Shelves
  • Personal Drawer, 1 File Drawer & 1 Slotted Shelf


  • Adjustable Slotted Shelf Divider

Record Management