Mobile Storage Systems - CSM Power Track

Power Track - You Won't Look Back!

Proudly Aussie, our electronic mobile "compactus style" storage unit does it all at the touch of a button offering high density secure storage and absolute safety for staff. Simple to use, select the aisle or location you require and hey presto the unit will open automatically for you.

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Mobile Storage Systems - CSM Fixed Track

Bolted - Can't be Faulted!

Designed to accommodate high volume, high access loads our Fixed Track "compactus style" mobile units are specifically targeted at multi bay designs; that is any unit beyond 2400mm in width should be a fixed track installation. Bolted to the floor the tracks incorporate anti tilt safety within the guide wheel channels and DDA compliant infill flooring further enhances the product making it perfect for high density storage for the modern office and back of house applications.

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Mobile Storage Systems - CSM Self Based

Free Standing On Any Landing!

Our self based "compactus style" units are available in single and tandem formats with a choice of manual or mechanical operation and are easy to install on any floor surface regardless of variable levels.

If you are looking for storage gold then this is the mother-lode, we offer a full range of colours and finishes including graphics to enhance any office environment.

Modular and freestanding, our self based compactus storage units can be easily extended or relocated, making them the perfect choice for today's contemporary office.

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Mobile Storage Systems - CSM Lite Track

Out of Sight with Lite!

Lite Track "compactus style" storage systems can be positioned on any floor surface without the need for fixings. The low profile track provides easy access to the shelving bays especially when trolleys are in use.

Designed for either a conventional format or “side 2 side” mode for better access to the contents, the Lite Track is a must and particularly affective with access floors.

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